The Rules of Victory: How to Transform Chaos and Conflict ~Strategies from the Art of War

by James Gimian and Barry Boyce

Millions have read Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the classic text on leadership and strategy, but how many understand its profound teachings or know how to apply them in modern life? The Rules of Victory presents the core insights of The Art of War, making them relevant and valuable to anyone who seeks more successful and creative approaches to dealing with chaos and conflict—whether at home, in the workplace, or in the midst of any challenging campaign or project.

The Rules of Victory is not about an ancient approach from a foreign culture. Rather it presents the inherent human wisdom from that text about a way of viewing and being in the world that gives rise to skillful, victorious action.

Everyday events occur that dramatically illustrate one of the greatest challenges human beings face: finding a better way to deal with conflict and chaos. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War has long been one of the primary resources for working with this challenge.

Now James Gimian and Barry Boyce—members of the team who gave us the bestselling translation—have written a new book to help deepen our understanding of Sun Tzu’s classic text, and to effectively incorporate its wisdom into daily use.

The Rules of Victory features:
  • In-depth explanations of the essential principles, strategies, and skills of The Art of War
  • First-person success stories illustrating how these teachings can be applied to a wide variety of professional and personal challenges
  • Guidance on how to recognize, and even create, a critical turning point in any campaign or project you undertake
  • A complete translation of The Art of War

The Art of  War: The Denma Translation by Sun Tzu

Translation, Essays, and Commentary by the Denma Translation Group

At the core of the ancient strategy manual known as The Art of War is the understanding that conflict is an inseparable part of human life; that the cycle of aggression and reaction can lead only to destruction; and that we must therefore learn to work with conflict in a more profound and effective way. Crucial to this new strategic vision is knowledge—especially self-knowledge—and a view of the whole that seeks to minimize loss for all concerned and thus render all sides victorious.

This new and unusually faithful translation carefully avoids paraphrase and hews closely to the enigmatic quality of the original—precisely the quality that allows us to find untold riches in its terse, almost coded lines millennia after this oral tradition was first set down. Line-by-line commentary and three extensive essays reveal the broader implications of Sun Tzu’s teachings and how they can be applied to everyday circumstances. The classic’s teachings and basic vocabulary take on new meaning: War is any situation that demands hard choices about creation and destruction, life or death. The state is the system in which we live—our household, our culture or society, or our own mind. Defense ensures the integrity of our boundaries and allows life to flourish within them. Force is the energy of concentrated action. And victory lies in bringing others around to embracing a larger view—one that includes their own—without ever going to battle.

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The Rules of Victory

Business/Leadership | US $26.95 hardcover CAN $32.00 | ISBN: 978-1-59030-085-5 | Also available in audio | Shambhala Publications, Inc. | Distributed by Random House

The Art of War

The Art of War : The Denma Translation by Sun Tzu
Translation, essays & commentary by the Denma Translation Group
Paperback edition (ISBN: 1-57062-904-8) $12.95
Shambhala Library edition-hardcover (ISBN 1-57062-978-1) $16.95