Rules of Victory

Effective action in a complex world

Leadership strategies for today’s challenges from the Art of War


In today’s rapidly changing, high-pressure environment,
simplistic, linear approaches
 do not work.

With the world in constant flux and conflict, today’s leaders are challenged to find the leverage points that will lead to effective results. We don’t have the time, information, or resources to do the job, but the pressure to perform bears down on us nonetheless. Thus, leaders are seeking new tools and new ways of being…

Simple Rules of Victory

A Whole Systems Approach
to Finding Effective Action

Our training offers readily adoptable strategies and skills that show you how a whole systems view—and the skillful actions that emerge from it—can help you get better results right now.

The Simple Rules combine the core lessons of Sun Tzu’s Art of War with proven modern-day approaches, enabling leaders to:

Why the Art of War?

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s great leadership manuals. 

It arose during a time of massive change much like our own, and is especially relevant in complex situations. Rather than perpetuating conflict, it’s about helping leaders find victory without battle and destruction. All of this, and more, gives it a compelling authority for our time. 

Our Simple Rules of Victory helps leaders decode the text’s profound lessons and apply them to immediate challenges.

What are the Simple Rules?

Complex systems seem to be governed by simple rules. Learning and applying them is the best response to chaotic, fast-moving challenges. That’s why the Rules of Victory training begins with these simple rules, strategic approaches from the Art of War that lead to leadership success:

Knowing—oneself, the other, and the environment

Employing shih—the configuration of power that brings about victory

Finding victory
—without battle

What You Will Learn from the Rules of Victory

Art of War Leadership Training Workshop

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